Current Issue

New. Renew. Energy - Vol. 20 , No. 1

9. p.88 Developing an Energy Self-Reliance Model in a Sri Lankan Rural Area
Donggun Oh, Yong-heack Kang, Boyoung Kim, Chang-yeol Yun, Myeongchan Oh, Hyun-goo Kim

11. p.102 Comparative Assessment of Typical Year Dataset based on POA Irradiance
Changyeol Yun, Boyoung Kim, Changki Kim, Hyungoo Kim, Yongheack Kang, Yongil Kim

15. p.135 Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Study of Biochar Produced from Shiitake Mushroom Farm by-product Waste Medium
Gyuseob Song, Jinseung Kim, Juhyoung Park, Younghoon Noh, Youngchan Choi, Youngjoo Lee, Kyubock Lee