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New & Renewable Energy
Abbreviation: New. Renew. Energy
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Online publication date 24 Jan 2024
Received 27 Nov 2023 Revised 14 Dec 2023 Accepted 18 Dec 2023

마이크로웨이브 수용체 가열을 통한 바이오가스 개질
전영남1), * ; 안준1)

Biogas Reforming through Microwave Receptor Heating
Young Nam Chun1), * ; June An1)
1)Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Chosun University
Correspondence to : * Tel: +82-62-230-7872 Fax: +82-62-608-5402

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Biogas, composed mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), is a renewable gas that can serve as an alternative energy source. In this study, we developed a new microwave reformer and analyzed its reforming characteristics. We observed that higher temperatures of the microwave receptor led to increased reforming efficiency. By supplying appropriate amounts of methane and steam, we could prevent carbon generated from the thermal decomposition reaction of carbon dioxide from depositing on the catalytic active layer, thus avoiding the inhibition of catalytic activity. Hydrogen generation was enhanced when maintaining the biogas ratio and steam supply at adequate levels. Increasing the SiC ratio in the receptor improved the uniformity of temperature distribution and growth rate, resulting in higher conversion rates of the reforming process.

Keywords: Biogas, Microwave, Green house gas, Reforming, Charcoal, Carbon receptor
키워드: 바이오가스, 마이크로웨이브, 온실가스, 개질, 차콜, 탄소 수용체