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New & Renewable Energy
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Online publication date 24 Jan 2024
Received 16 Nov 2023 Revised 11 Dec 2023 Accepted 18 Dec 2023

국내 태양광 이격거리 규제 현황과 해외사례 비교를 통한 정책적 시사점
장연재1), *

Setback Regulation in Solar Photovoltaic Deployment: A Comparative Analysis Involving International Cases for Policy Insights
Yenjae Chang1), *
1)Associate Research Fellow, Electricity Policy Research Group, Korea Energy Economics Institute
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Setback regulations stand out as a primary hindrance to the widespread adoption of renewable energy in South Korea. This study analyzed the current status of domestic and international setback regulations, laying the groundwork for an in-depth discussion aimed at improving regulations related to solar photovoltaic setback distances. While setback regulations lack universal standardization across nations, regulations in the United States exhibit certain similarities to those implemented in South Korea. Notably, South Korea has seen a gradual tightening of regulations from 2018 to the present, implementing standards approximately 5 to 10 times stricter than those in the United States.

Keywords: Setback regulation, Solar Photovoltaic, Renewable energy policy
키워드: 이격거리 규제, 태양광, 재생에너지 정책