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Abbreviation: New. Renew. Energy
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Online publication date 09 Sep 2021
Received 31 May 2021 Revised 11 Aug 2021 Accepted 19 Aug 2021

부유식 해상태양광 발전을 위한 단위 플랫폼 구조물의 실해역 성능평가
나경원1), * ; 추진훈2) ; 이병준3)

Field Performance Test of Unit Platform Development for Offshore Floating Photovoltaic Power Structure
Kyoung Won Na1), * ; JinHun Choo2) ; Byung Jun Lee3)
1)Senior Researcher, Noksan Headquarters, Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute
2)Principal Researcher, Noksan Headquarters, Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute
3)Principal Researcher, Oceanspace, CO., LTD.
Correspondence to : * Tel: +82-51-400-5281 Fax: +82-51-400-5270

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Recently, the Korean government announced a plan to activate renewable energies, with focus on clean energy sources such as solar and wind power as the core and the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Unlike other photovoltaic (PV) systems, offshore PV installations are advantageous for large-scale expansion because of the ease of securing sites; they also enable lowering the power generation costs based on construction of large-scale power facilities of megawatt class or higher owing to low noise and landscape damage. However, any power generation should proceed with consideration of the special environmental conditions of the ocean. Above all, when installing large-scale facilities, it is important to reduce fluctuations of the structure and secure stability to actively respond to waves. This study is concerned with the development of a floating body technology that actively responds to waves so as to enable commercialization of offshore solar power. A unit platform for research and development on offshore PV generation was installed in the Saemangeum sea, and the structural fluctuations and stability were analyzed to ensure conformity with the major performance indicators.

Keywords: Floating photovoltaic, Offshore floater, Field performance test, Motion response
키워드: 부유식 태양광, 해상 부유체, 실해역 성능평가, 운동응답