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New. Renew. Energy - Vol. 16 , No. 1

5. p.41 Computer Simulation of Lower Farmland by the Composition of an Agrophotovoltaic System
DeokSung Kim, ChangHeon Kim, JongSung Park, ChangHan Kim, JaeWoo Nam, JaiYoung Cho, CheolHyun Lim

6. p.48 Transmission Loss from Voltage Drop in a DC Cable for a Floating Photovoltaic System in a Reservoir
Byeong Gwan Bhang, Sung Cheol Woo, Wonbin Lee, Jin Ho Choi, SeungWook Shin, ChulSung Lee, MiLan Park, Changsub Won, HyungKeun Ahn

7. p.59 Microbial Enrichment and Community Analysis for Bioelectrochemical Acetate Production from Carbon Dioxide
Junhyung Kim, Young-Eun Kim, Myeonghwa Park, Young Eun Song, Eunhee Seol, Jung Rae Kim, You-Kwan Oh