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Online publication date 11 May 2021
Received 29 Dec 2020 Revised 17 Mar 2021 Accepted 22 Mar 2021

계시별 전기요금에서의 프로슈머와 소비자간 전력거래 가격추정
이영준1) ; 박수진2) ; 윤용범2), *

Estimation of Electric Power Trading Price between Prosumer and Consumer Under Time-of-Use (TOU)
Yungjoon Lee1) ; Soojin Park2) ; Yongbeum Yoon2), *
1)Master Course, Energy Policy and Engineering, KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS)
2)Professor, Energy Policy and Engineering, KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS)
Correspondence to : * Tel: +82-52-712-7337 Fax: +82-52-712-7281

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We estimated the price range of electricity transactions under the prosumer system, considering the spread of renewable energy and the prospect of introducing a surplus power trading system between power consumers in Korea. The range (min/max) of power transaction prices was estimated by prosumers and consumers who could purchase electricity from utilities if needed. It is assumed that utilities purchased electricity from prosumers and consumers under a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate, trading at a monthly price. The range of available transaction prices according to the amount of power purchased from utilities and the amount of transaction power was also estimated. The price range that can be traded is expected to vary depending on variables such as the TOU rate, purchased and surplus power, levelized cost of electricity, etc.

Keywords: Prosumer, Consumer, TOU, SMP, P2P, LCOE
키워드: 프로슈머, 소비자, 계시별요금제, 계통한계가격, 소비자간 전력거래, 균등화비용