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Online publication date 07 Dec 2021
Received 11 Sep 2021 Revised 08 Oct 2021 Accepted 18 Nov 2021

전주・완주 수소시범도시 주민수용성 분석

이지훈1), *
Analysing the Acceptability of Jeonju-Wanju Hydrogen Demonstration City
Jihoon Lee1), *
1)Research Fellow, Industrial Economics Research Group, Jeonbuk Institute

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It is very important to secure hydrogen acceptability to achieve the hydrogen economy. This study empirically analyzed the factors affecting acceptance by using the results of a questionnaire administered to residents of Jeonju-Wanju Hydrogen Demonstration City. The results indicated that the safety of hydrogen infrastructure and local industry and economic growth positively affected acceptance. In particular, local industry and economic growth were more effective in improving resident acceptance. As policy factors, support for government policies and disclosure of information on projects were also positive factors. As perceptual factors, the higher interest in hydrogen and less safety concerns positively affected acceptability. Therefore, as far as hydrogen safety is concerned, it seems necessary to support local industry development to improve acceptability, disclose information related to industrial development, and introduce targeted experience programs.


Hydrogen economy, Acceptability, Jeonju-Wanju demonstration City


수소경제, 수용성, 전주-완주 수소시범도시