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Online publication date 03 Sep 2021
Received 08 Sep 2021 Revised 30 Jul 2021 Accepted 02 Aug 2021

방음벽 PVT의 공기유로 설계를 위한 CFD 시뮬레이션 사전 분석 연구

김유진1) ; 김기봉2) ; 이의준3) ; 강은철3), *
Pre-Analysis CFD Simulation of Air Path Design for Soundproof Photovoltaic-Thermal Wall
Yu-Jin Kim1) ; Ki-Bong Kim2) ; Euy-Joon Lee3) ; Eun-Chul Kang3), *
1)Ph.D Candidate, Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, University of Science and Technology
2)Ph.D Candidate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University
3)Principle Researcher, Energy Efficiency Research Division, Korea Institute of Energy Research

Correspondence to: * Tel: +82-42-860-3511

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The Korean government announced various energy policies, such as the to reduce 37% of the business-as-usual (BAU) greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The policies aim to increase the renewable electricity generation ratio to 20% by 2030. PVT is a hybrid technology, which combines photovoltaic (PV) and solar collectors. It is capable of generating electricity and thermal energy simultaneously. It has a great potential to be used as a renewable and clean solar energy. However, there exists a shortage of space for the installation of PVT systems in Korea. To overcome this, in this paper proposes four types of soundproof wall PVT air channels, which were designed and optimized, based on the CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamic) analysis results. The thermal energy generation for multiple PVT units connected in series and pressure drop sensitivity were analyzed, depending on inlet velocity.


PV, Photovoltaic, PVT, Photovoltaic thermal, CFD, Computation fluid dynamic, Solar collector


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