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Online publication date 05 Nov 2020
Received 22 Jul 2020 Revised 27 Sep 2020 Accepted 28 Oct 2020

Balancing Well 교차혼합 지중열교환기의 스마트 냉난방 히트펌프 시스템의 성능평가에 관한 연구

이창희1), * ; 김동규1) ; 유병석1) ; 김부일2)
Study on the Performance Evaluation of Smart Heating and Cooling Heat Pump System in a Balancing Well Cross-Conditioned Ground Heat Exchanger
Lee, Changhee1), * ; Kim, Donggyu1) ; Yu, Byeoungseok1) ; Kim, Booil2)
1)Professor, Department of Mechanical and Shipbuilding Convergence Engineering, Pukyong National University
2)Professor, Department of Electrical, Electronics and Software Engineering, Pukyong National University

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This study performed a single hole operation method using a balancing well-cross-mixed underground heat exchanger, and conducted thermal performance studies of an SCW-type underground heat exchanger using a two-well. The study attempted to change the existing operating method of the two adjacent SCW underground heat exchangers with one ball each. The SCW-type geothermal heat exchanger is considered to enable up to 20% of bleed discharge at maximum load, which makes groundwater usage unequal. The efficiency factor of the geothermal system was improved by constructing the discharged water by cross-mixing two balancing wells to prevent the discharge of groundwater sources and keep the temperature of the underground heat exchanger constant. As a result of the cooling and heating operation with the existing SCW heat exchange system and the balancing well-cross-mixed heat exchange system, the measured performance coefficient improved by 23% and 12% in cooling and heating operations, respectively. In addition, when operating with a balanced cross-mixing heat exchange system, it has been confirmed that the initial basement temperature is constant with a standard deviation of 0.08 to 0.12°C.


Balancing well, Standing column well(SCW), Aquifer groundwater flow, Geothermal heat exchanger


밸런싱 웰, 스탠딩 웰 컬럼, 대수층 지하수 유동, 지중열교환기